Pre-Purchase Advice

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The idea of this section is just to offer you some practical pointers to assist you with your spa purchase.

Free Onsite Survey

We will survey your intended Spa site for Free!


When Choosing your new hot tub it is always first advisable to make sure that you can actually get it into your garden, sounds blinking obvious but it is very easy to forget/misjudge the size of the spa, thus finding that it doesn’t quite fit down the side alley of the house, or past the concrete post, and oh I forgot about the boiler flue!  


Spas are very heavy and awkward to manoeuvre and unfortunately they don’t bend in half too easily.  If you are at all unsure or would just like some helpful advice please just book a totally free site visit.  No pressure selling, no obligation, just honest advice.

As a last resort we can always look at craning the spa into the site, don’t panic it’s a lot easier than it sounds, and not over expensive, depending on location and lift distance.


OK so we’ve done our site visit and explored all possibilities of manually getting your new tub into your garden but to no avail.  We may have to consider a crane lift.  The actual thoughts are a lot worse than the events.  The deciding factor as to which size of crane you may need depends on the distance of the lift and the weight of the spa.  These we can determine whilst we are doing our site visit by roughly pacing out our lift distance. 


Prices vary accordingly – up to 15m – up to 25m and above.  All the crane companies that we work with are extremely professional and have done many lifts with us.  Please note that we do not earn a single penny out of lifts, you the customer has the benefit of dealing direct at our preferential rates, but we are happy to arrange it and liaise on your behalf.  If you wish to choose your own company or get further quotes please do not hesitate to do so.  To give you an idea dependent on travel distance a 25m lift is approximately £350


Most customers have a fair idea as to where they are going to have their spas in the garden, normally based on suntraps, ease of access to the house or changing room, or may be part of a garden overhaul/landscape project.


A few simple things to give a little extra thought to include privacy – try to choose if possible an area that is least overlooked by neighbours properties, its easier to relax when your not being spied upon.

Overhanging trees can add to your thoughts of tranquillity but in reality some create on going maintenance and a cleaning nightmare.

Inside verses outside - Total relaxation, hot tub bubbling away, stunning clear starry night, and a glass of your favourite tipple, oh yeah.  The idyllic situation, the one you’ve always dreamt of.  80% of the spas we fit are installed in an open environment at one with the elements.

However when it is 2 degrees outside and blowing a gale, and pouring with rain there is often a reluctance to go outside and rip all your clothes off and ‘relax’ in your tub, reserved for only a select few brave soldiers, heroes.

You may wish to consider some form of enclosure, chalet where you can be isolated from whatever the weather can throw at you.  Covered spas tend to be used year round and more frequently, but forsaking the outdoor ambiance.

Power Source

Before you go trotting off to the far end of the garden with the new spa location, it may well be worth taking some advice from a qualified electrician on the length/size

Of the cable required to suit your supply requirements over greater distances.

Hob Tub Bases

A Hot tub full of water can weigh any where between 1.5 to 10 tonnes very easily, so it really does require a level and sturdy base to support it.

The industry standard is a good concrete mix, reinforced to a depth of 100mm (4”), this is fine for most tubs up to approx 2.5m square that may weigh up to approx 3 – 4 tons.


However, much larger tubs/swim spas should have at least a 150mm (6”) reinforced concrete base to carry the massive water volumes involved.

If you are considering sinking or semi sinking your tub please contact us as there are a number of other issues to consider, i.e. drainage, and service access.


Yes your new tub can go directly onto decking, however it is advisable to first lift your boards and check to see if there is sufficient support underneath, also it is a good idea to increase the amount of bearers carrying the boards.


Please note all tubs are fractionally noisier on decking as the sound has another means of escape and can create slightly increased vibration levels.

Existing Patios

Providing that they are in fairish condition, most patios are capable of carrying a hot tub, however the bigger issue tends to be how level it is as a large number often slope for drainage purposes, which can lead to a ‘shallow and deep’ end in your spa!


Unfortunately although grass may appear to be rock solid during some summer months, as the ground becomes sodden in winter a 3 tonne spa can easily sink, causing earth to push up inside our spa and possibly creating damage – 100% not recommended.


We have a superb team of tradesmen we regularly use for spa projects.  All of whom we can recommend and are available for you.  Free quotations, no obligation, and sensible prices.  Ground workers, bricklayers, patio/stone specialists, carpenters, electricians and decking specialists.

The Tub Itself

Whether its for full on partying, pure relaxation, or fantastic quality family time there are various things to consider when choosing your tub.


We find customers when they come to purchase their new tub usually have a fair idea of the internal layout they are looking for.  In some ways it is quite a personal choice.  More jets here. Less there, whether it has a lounger chair or not.  Foot massagers etc.  We can go deeply into all sorts of jet configurations and what benefits each will do for you, however we feel this is one of the fun aspects of selecting your spa, from all the different brands and different set ups.  The wide choice is yours!  9 times out of 10 it goes back to 1st impressions – I like that one!


For families with younger members it may well be worth looking for seating with varying depths, as what might be perfect for dad may be to deep for poor little pippa.

Give some thought to the most powerful sort after chairs in your spa and in which direction you are going to be facing when using them, may sound strange but the main top side controller where you alter the temperature /modes etc ideally needs to be accessed from outside of the spa, so does not really want to be isolated in a back inaccessible corner.

How Many Pumps?

All spas are filled with a varying number of propulsion pumps with one or two being the most popular choices.  Single pump models tend to have less massager jets, maybe up to 40 in number.  Twin pump models may exceed 100 jets, each pump will drive a given volume of water and depending on how many jets that water is divided by will affect the total end performance of each jet.  The higher specification models have more jets to perform and that is why they may have up to 4 pumps.

Insulation & Economy

The spas insulation values are very important for keeping the water that has been heated hot without excessive heat loss.  Our spas have a very high quality 100mm to 50mm tapered lid/cover which is very efficient, so much so that when it snows it is one of the last places for the snow to melt from! 

The internal insulation is also a 100mm thick polyurethane foam based material bonded to the fibreglass shell with added insulation on the insides of the spa surround creating the Sunbelt spas heat vault, highly efficient reducing running costs.

All our spas are controlled by the ultra reliable all ACC Controller system, made in California.  It is one of the most frugal spa controllers in the world, with its minimal spa runtimes and this will give you much smaller electric bills.  Perfect!

Electricity Supply

Oh how easy would it be if all spas could just plug straight into your houses 13 amp electric supply.  Unfortunately most can’t.  Although some smaller tubs can be operated with the correct protection in place it tends to be with the heater disabled for the time that you are in the tub.

In the specification of each individual tub will be a recommended amp rating, thses tend to be 20, 32, 40, 50 or 60 amp depending on your spa skeleton.

You will need a certified electrical contractor to install your new supply as it will form part of your properties main system.  The supply required tends to have its own individual circuit breaker/RCBO rated to the supply required (from the main board) that runs in armoured cable through and out of the house, to the proximity of the spa site, near to the spa (no closer that 1.5m)  there should be some form of isolation point normally a rotary isolator switch.  Then from the isolation switch a tail long enough to reach the furthest point of the spa for the final connection.  An additional earth rod may also be required dependant on your electrician’s findings.  If you or your electrical contractor is unsure of any part please do not hesitate to call.  We do also offer an in house electrician who is normally very competitive and fully qualified.

The Big Day

A brief insight to on the day of the new tub being delivered.  Upon arrival the new spa probably takes on average between 1 to 2 hours to be sited on its new base.  The hosepipe will take normally a further 1 to 2 hours to do its bit!  During that time our team will be busy connecting the electrical supply, fitting the cover lifters and going through all of the new set up procedures (and drinking tea!).  When the water has reached its given level it’s time to fire her up.


You will be given a full demonstration of your new toy/tub, plus a simple maintenance routine, followed by a lesson water chemistry.  Average 3 to 4 hours start to finish (not the chemistry lesson) the complete install.  The tub is usually ready for use the following day, once it has reached its desired temperature, or for the brave Kids the same day!

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