After Sales Support


To the team at Goodwins we believe that the customer care after a purchase is actually more important than the pre purchase stage and for a family business to survive for over 70 years we must endorse those morals.  You the customer will now become our new salesman and if you are not 100% happy your friends and family will very soon get to know about it, so we don’t go there.  50% of our new spa sales are from recommendations – that makes us happy! 

On the Telephone

We are on the phone to answer any queries/questions you may have 6 days a week.  The phone lines are manned from 8.30 til 5 except Sundays.  If the person on the phone cannot for any reason answer your enquiry you will be called back as soon as possible.  Customer avoidance, head burying is not in our dictionary and that’s a promise!

From simple spa operational queries, to ‘oh my god’ you should see the colour of my tub water, what do I do, we will be there to help.

Out ’N’ About

As we are the ‘Kent’ dealership for Artesian spas we are covering the whole area regularly, so just because our base is in sunny Margate please don’t think that Dartford, Bromley, Sevenoaks and Sheppey are not on our path, all areas have the same support and service.

In House Service

We have our own service/technical team that if an issue should arise at any point, we will aim to be with your within 48 hours.  You and your spa remain very important to us and any down time will be addressed as soon as possible.

Water Chemistry

On the day of your new spa being fitted you will be given a detailed lesson on how to look after your water correctly.  However in reality a few weeks down the line all that was perfectly clear at the time may have becomes slightly less obvious and confusion could set in.  Please just give us a call and we will willingly refresh you on any remedial treatment required, don’t be embarrassed its just a case of reassurance.

Don’t forget we are here to help.

Wet Testing Facilities

We also provide a ‘free water testing service’, at the shop, if you can bring us a sample in to enable us to give you accurate advice.

Cleaning & Maintenance

OK so its time to change the water and give the inside of the tub a good clean.  There are lots of different cleaning agents that spa dealers sell, all of which do a similar job, degrease and disinfect, and the prices vary enormously!  We have found as good as anything is good old Dettol multi purpose, green, orange or yellow, give it a good squirt round inside the empty spa, followed by a damp sponge to remove the traditional scum line, works as good as anything.

Then simply rinse the residue into the foot well and remove.  Job done.  However it is worth may be on an annual basis giving your spa an internal flush, again there are various products on the market, but they degrease the internal pipe network prior to an empty and cleaning, keeping it all shipshape.

Filters are a very important part of your spa’s maintenance.  They should be removed and cleaned on a regular basis to maximise water flow through them.  A good way to tell how clean your spa filters are is to take them out, dunk them upside down under water, then lift them out.  The water in the central column should flow out instantly if it doesn’t then they may need extra cleaning.  At the point of your spa’s water change it may also be worth soaking your filters overnight in a filter cleaning solution, this removes oils and helps break down stubborn matter that may be contaminating the filter.  A spare set of filters is a good idea to allow the dirty one to dry and restore its tightness.

As with all spa cleaning remember to avoid foaming detergents, or else you could be lost in the bubbles!    

Hot Tub Service

As our hectic lifestyles get busier and busier we are regularly asked if we provide a hot tub cleaning service.  The answer is yes we do!

We will call out to the spa, internally clean all pipe work by applying a spa flush.

Check internally for leaks/seepage.

Drain down the tub, clean/disinfect internal spa seating area.

Remove filters and clean (replace if required at additional cost).

Clean and disinfect the cover/lid and clean the spa exterior.

Refill and treat water appropriately.

Unfortunately the cost does vary because of travelling time, but locally we charge £99 for this service

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